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Handmade Bowl
Handmade Bowl
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Handmade Bowl

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Beautiful handmade and hand painted bowl in yellow and black in a unique design, the perfect size to use practically for meals or as a sculpture for display.

Made in Ripponlea by local artist, Elnaz Nourizadeh. Each one of her designs is one of a kind and will have individual quirks and irregularities.

About Elnaz

Elnaz was introduced to pottery during her schooling in Iran (where she is originally from) and since moving to Melbourne in 2013, she has continued to develop her practice and built a successful career. 

Elnaz studied Industrial Design in Tehran and upon completion was mentored by one of Iran’s leading ceramicists and sculptors Maryam Salour. This mentorship brought ideas of European history, minimalism, modernism and truth of form.

In 2013 Elnaz set up her own studio in Ripponlea and established her small business ‘Elnaz Ceramics’ which provides handmade quality ceramic wares in Melbourne. Her tablewares are nature-inspired, high quality, unique artworks: the goal being to bring modern art into everyday life.

Elnaz’s artwork is recognisable by its vivid use of colour and contrast, which came from a rebellion against Iran’s traditional use of blue.

She creates both sculpture and functional ceramics using clay/ceramics and other materials such as wood and metal. Elnaz’s modern designs represent both emotions and motion; her ideas expressed in irregular, and often asymmetric, vessel shapes, as well as through combinations of different glazes and colours.

Images and text courtesy of Elnaz Nourizadeh